ME 121 Feedback Control

Prerequisite(s): ME 118, ME 120. Offering Quarter: Spring.

Introduces students to the analysis and design of feedback control systems using classical control methods. Topics include control system terminology, block diagrams, analysis and design of control systems in the time and frequency domains, closed-loop stability, root locus, Bode plots, and an introduction to analysis in state-space.

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ME 220 (EE 233) Optimal Control and Estimation

Prerequisite(s): ME 120, ME 121 or equivalent. Offering Quarter: Fall.

Introduces students to control and estimation techniques for discrete- and continuous-time linear and nonlinear systems with random behavior in the state space form. The main topics will be: a) Optimal control, b) Kalman filtering, c) Model predictive control.

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ME 225 Design and Fabrication of Robots

Prerequisite(s): No. Offering Quarter: Winter.

Introduces students to the fundamentals in the design, fabrication, and modeling of traditional and state-of-the-art actuation and sensing components for robotic systems, as well as system integration.

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2022 Winter Final Project Demo